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A-Z Full Package

A-Z Full Package

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30-Day Sourcing Package @ $697
The Source from China in 30 Days Package is for every entrepreneur and e-commerce seller who needs to buy products from China and understands the struggles of sourcing great products and identifying reliable manufacturers in China.

 Sample Concierge @ $298
Sample concierge is for every buyer who needs to review and compare samples before placing orders with their Chinese suppliers but can’t waste time or money on receiving incorrect samples.
The reality is that samples often arrive broken or incorrect, but the bigger frustration is that you can't confirm orders until you review and sign off on samples.
It is a common realization that you can waste so much time and money waiting to review samples, leaving you disappointed and frustrated with your suppliers.
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 Order Management @ $697

So you have found your supplier, and are ready to move forward and place your first order, this will put all the commercial documentsagreements, and quality checklist in place and front-loaded with your manufacturer.

 Pre-Shipment Final Inspection @ $328

Pre-shipment final inspection is for every buyer who needs to ensure the factory has produced their goods according to all their requirements with good quality before the goods leave the factory in China.

Not receiving what you are expecting is a serious problem. But that's not all it takes to stop defective goods from shipping.

 Trademark Search & Registration Package @ $499

The China Trademark Expert Package is for every entrepreneur & e-Comm seller who wants to protect their hard work and effort invested into building their brand.

Here's the huge problem you face right now: any unscrupulous Chinese manufacturer or online seller can register your brand first. But that's not the end of your problems with preventing copycats from infringing on your hard work.

 2X 1 -1 45 minute CEO Call with David  @ $480

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