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Utility Patent Registration

Utility Patent Registration

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What to expect...

Protect your ideas with a Utility Patent. Reduce the risk of copying by manufacturers, retailers, and competitors. Don't make it easy to rip you off. Plus, get a sales advantage by claiming ‚patented or patent pending.

Don't make it easy to rip you off! Protect your ideas with a Utility Patent. It reduces the risk of copying manufacturers, retailers, and competitors. (Yes, this happens a lot.)

Having patented‚ and patent pending on your product and packaging also gives you a sales advantage with customers and distributors.

We'll prepare and file your Utility Patent for you.

  • Protect your idea, if your idea is new and does not already exist in the market.
  • Claim patented or patent-pending with customers and suppliers, almost immediately.
  • A strong degree of protection from seller Platforms, retailers and manufacturers.


  • Registration of one utility patent in China, which is valid for 10 years (nonrenewable), Annual fees are required.
  • Translation of Business Registration Certificate from English to Chinese as required by China,
  • Translation of Priority Documents (if any) from English to Chinese as required by China.

TIME TAKEN: Approximately +15 days for initial registration lodging

What you need to prepare...

Requires drawings, description of patent claims in your words about what makes your product different or unique

Optional extras...

We can provide a quote to create or modify technical drawings if required to meet the patent office standards

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