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Trademark E-customs Filing

Trademark E-customs Filing

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Protect your IP at China customs!

    Trademark Customs recording is a handy mechanism for controlling the usage of your trademarks and alerting you to when they may be used without your authorization.

    Every time goods with your brand clear customs are exported from China; you will receive a written notice from the local customs to confirm whether the goods are being sold by the trademark holder (or license holder).

    If it is confirmed that the trademark or license holder has not sold this batch of goods, someone is making unauthorized use of the trademark, and the customs will seize the goods on the spot.

    Even if you are unlucky enough that someone "fakes" your product and trademark, going through this process will provide additional protection by customs that will weed out any copycats. 


    • Copycats are deterred from stealing your IP.
    • Customs all over China can be included in the scope of supervision.
    • Your brand is protected.
    • Fake products are less likely to reach your market and be sold in competition to your own.

    Requirements to record your trademarks with the China customs

    We will gather all the information for you, which will include:

    1. Scanned copy of your business license
    2. Passport of the legal representative with a scanned copy
    3. Trademark registration certificate
    4. Certificate of trademark transfer and renewal (if possible)
    5. Power of attorney
    6. Trademark logo
    7. Product photos with trademark pattern
    8. Product description
    9. Basic information: name, contact number, email, etc.

    Frequently asked questions


    How long does it take, and what does it cost?

    GlobalTQM will handle this process for you as it is all in Chinese.

    The process takes 2-3 months and costs US$249

    **The logging fee is USD30 for each supplier or shipment.

    Why is having a Chinese trademark so important?

    In China, trademarks are awarded to the first company to file for them, and unlike in the US, businesses typically don't have to give a reason for filing. That means, if someone else (like an agent or factory) registers your trademark first, your brand becomes THEIR brand—at least in China. They can produce your products with your design, your packaging, your brand name, and your logo, without your permission. And then sell them in China. Not having a Chinese trademark isn't worth the risk.

    What if I have a trademark in another country? Am I protected in China?

    Nope. China doesn't recognize trademarks from other countries. Even if you have a registered trademark in the US, someone could register and control your brand in China.

    The bottom line is: if you want to be protected in China, you must have a registered trademark in China.

    What's a trademark squatter?

    A "trademark squatter" is someone who registers trademarks with the goal of selling them back to the original brand owner at an outrageous price. It's an exploitation scheme, and it happens a lot in China.

    What if my trademark is already registered?

    You have three options if your trademark is already registered by someone else:

    • We'll work with you to modify your trademark so it can be filed.
    • We'll help you come up with alternatives so you can still file.
    • You can choose not to continue with the registration, and we'll refund 50% of your package investment.

    How does China trademark search work?

    We check to see if the trademark is compliant with China Trademark law or if there is any prior registration with the same or similar trademark name that might disqualify your registration.

    If you file my application, who owns my trademark?

    You do, of course. We simply prepare and file your application on your behalf. You are listed as the trademark owner.

    What is a trademark registration disqualification?

    If the name you are using is not allowed in terms of Chinese Trademark law (for example city names, famous names, common names), or if there is prior registration, then the application would not be allowed. 

    What if my registration is disqualified?

    We would recommend an alternative for you to consider, or different strategies that might be helpful. We would give a refund for the application and only charge for the search. It is always advisable to do this as early as you can when starting a brand, to ensure there are no problems later, and to leave sufficient time to choose an alternative brand, if required.


    As many as you like, if they are available. We will research the classes for you and make recommendations. There is an additional cost per class, so feel free to talk to our team anytime for special offers. Each purchase of the China Trademark Expert is for one class only.

    Are there any annual fees for my trademark registration?

    No, there is no annual fee.

    How long is my Trademark valid for?

    Once approved, a trademark is valid for 10 years.

    How long does the application take to be approved?

    The application can take up to 1-1.5 years for final approval. However, as soon as your application is submitted, you are protected as you retain the "First to apply" status.

    Do I need to translate any documents into Chinese?

    Yes, but don't worry, we do all of that for you.

    What name will the trademark be registered under?

    The trademark will be registered in your personal name or company name. We will provide a Chinese translation for your certificate.

    I'm not sure if I should register my trademark in China?

    We suggest click the schedule a free call button and let's discuss it. In addition, we have prepared a handling checklist guide here for you to download.


    Learn how you can protect YOUR BRAND from unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters & trademark squatters, by registering it in China! 

    If you have any doubts or questions the quickest solution is to schedule a free call below.

    Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations.

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