Pre-Shipment Inspection: Importance Of Having Your Own Team On Ground In China.

Pre-Shipment Inspection: Importance Of Having Your Own Team On Ground In China.

When you talk about the import/export business, China is most probably involved in it. After all, it has the largest share of global manufacturing at 28.7% of total production. Thus, China is a manufacturing superpower. It is a strong chance stand for many importers, traders, and manufacturers to have their sourcing partners in China.

It’s necessary to perform Quality Control Checks and inspections to ensure the sustainability of your business. Besides, your products must meet international quality standards to become fit for sale. However, visiting the manufacturer or supplier personally might not be possible for every businessman.

But, it doesn’t undermine the importance of getting quality control checks and pre-shipment inspections of the products being shipped to you. This guide is all about the importance of quality control checks and pre-shipment inspection in China for importers.

What Are China Quality Control Inspection Services?

China Quality Control and Inspection services include quality control and quality assurance. The quality control process is focused on inspecting and ensuring that the processes, manufacturing standards, and quality standards are maintained by manufacturers.

The second step, Quality Assurance, is done after lot production/batch production is completed. It’s all about product sampling and batch inspections to check for defective products, lab testing, etc.

Collectively, it’s called quality control and inspection. These processes aim to ensure that importers are getting the right products produced by following international standards with minimum or no defects.

Is Pre-Shipment Inspection China Necessary?

Pre-Shipment Inspection China or Quality Assurance is the process done after production is completed and shipment is ready to leave the country/manufacturer facility. There are many reasons why importers and traders must focus on getting quality inspections of shipments before they’re shipped to them.

  • Compliance With Your Requirements –To ensure that there are no defective products, the manufacturer has followed international quality standards and procedures according to your requirements.
  • Reducing Defects – Quality assurance’s main purpose is to check for defective products and product sampling to inspect any variations. Therefore, the post-production inspection makes it possible to avoid getting defective goods shipped to you. 
  •  Minimum Variations –The quality control process assures that the manufacturer follows quality standards and procedures. When you’re performing quality control at the manufacturer, any underlying reasons behind variations are highlighted, which can be minimized in the future.
  •  Quality Products Are Delivered To Consumers – You get standard products after comprehensive inspection and quality control. As a result, you’re able to deliver the expected quality products to your end consumers.
  • Reputation Building And Customer Satisfaction – High-quality products with sustainability will improve your sales margin and position you as a reputed seller. Suppose you’re giving due attention to products before forwarding them to consumers. In that case, your business will scale, and more customer satisfaction will come your way.

Red Flags To Watch When Negotiating With Suppliers And Manufacturers

To inspect or not to inspect is a question almost every trader or importer asks himself. No doubt, it’s easy to rely on the Quality Control and Assurance procedures of manufacturers or suppliers. However, performing the independent pre-shipment inspection is always a good idea. But it becomes a compulsory practice if you notice red flags.

A supplier or manufacturer might be giving you reasons for not getting independent inspection because:

  1. They don’t trust third-party inspection firms because they lack professional knowledge and expertise.
  2. As global shipping issues are going on, the inspection can result in a further delay of shipment.
  3. Third-party companies usually look for a bribe to give a satisfactory report.
  4. We have our own inspection and quality control process. You, as our client, can personally visit the factory but we don’t trust inspection companies.
  5. Packing, unpacking, inspection, etc., will cause damage to the productsl=.
  6. You have already received samples from us, and we comply with the same standards for larger batches.
  7. You can ask for videos and images of the shipment, loading, and post-production.

And a lot more reasons are there. If your supplier is giving such excuses, pre-shipment inspection in China becomes mandatory in that case.

Who Can Do Product Inspection China On Your Behalf?

As a businessman, you might be able to visit the manufacturers/suppliers facility once or twice. But it won’t be a practical solution to perform a personal visit every time. It will be a time-consuming thing and also increase your business costs. But having your boots on the ground in China is also very important.

You can hire third-party services and quality control companies to work on your behalf in China. You can have a supplier QC control, but it can also be forged if suppliers have a conflict of interest. Having your own in-house inspection team is expensive and non-practical. The best solution for getting China Quality Control Inspection Services is hiring a dedicated QC and inspection service with expertise in the Chinese industry.

Benefits Of Getting China Quality Control Inspection Services

Getting third-party inspection agencies on the ground to perform inspections on your behalf has many benefits. Some of the most convincing reasons to hire a third-party inspection are:

  • Cost-Effective Solution – The company will have all the tools and expertise necessary to perform inspections and highlight problems. Therefore, they will offer you the best solutions at a cost lower than what you would incur with the in-house inspection. You can hire companies like GlobalTQM for a cost-effective pre-shipment final inspection.
  • Integrity and Flexibility – Integrity is the most crucial factor when performing inspections and quality control procedures. The QC inspection companies do not have a conflict of interest because they are working on your behalf. Therefore, integrity is maintained.

Besides, the inspection companies offer you tailored solutions as per your requirements. This adds flexibility in working with third-party agencies.

  • Communication –The communication barrier might come your way when communicating with your Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. The third-party inspection agencies are proficient in English and Chinese. Therefore, they can establish a rapport with all parties being heard.

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