Verify Suppliers and Protect Payments in China
Verify Suppliers and Protect Payments in China
Verify Suppliers and Protect Payments in China
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Verify Suppliers and Protect Payments in China

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Check ANY company registered in Mainland China

It’s more important than ever to be safe and risk-free, to ensure you are dealing with reliable suppliers. Wherever you find them, fromAlibaba, online, trade-shows, or even referrals!

Make contracts enforceable! Avoid scams! Filter out suppliers quickly! 

ProtectME!™ Vetting Suppliers in China is for every entrepreneur & e-Comm seller who wants to verify that the companies they are dealing with are legitimate.

The problem we face in dealing with new suppliers is, it’s risky to pay deposits or do business with unknown companies in China. But knowing which suppliers are reputable and legitimate is more challenging than you might think.

Many Chinese companies have multiple related companies, and you often don’t know if you are paying the same company that is producing your goods! This can result in delayed production or even losing your deposits without receiving goods.

Worst of all, many entrepreneurs & e-Comm sellers don’t realize that most contracts, if not signed by the legal representative of the company, are not valid or enforceable.

All this can make trying to get delivery after paying deposits, or even getting quality support after the goods are shipped a difficult challenge! So at GlobalTQM, we have designed our supplier vetting to include a powerful proprietary interview technique that has saved us countless times!

So, if you want to be comfortable that you are dealing with a legitimate company, "ProtectME!™ Vetting Suppliers in China" is the safest way to reduce risk.

Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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How it works

  1. Choose the level of vetting required (See the list below of what is included in each level).
  2. Complete our online form (you will receive it after payment is processed).
  3. Wait for our report and debrief (within 24 hours).


Being armed with this information greatly reduces risk, validates the legitimacy of the company you are working with, ensures contracts are enforceable, reduces the risk of payment loss, production problems, and other costly mistakes.

LIVE DATE RESEARCH! We have real-time access to information and changes about the companies’ public records in a snap.

PROPRIETARY INTERVIEW! Our team uses our in-house developed proprietary phone interview technique, whereby we speak to various internal members of the organization, using scientifically designed questioning to verify and validate company culture, values and management mindset - the most crucial and subjective of all verification possible. (*applies to intermediate verification only)

FAST REPORT DELIVERY! You will get a detailed report within 24 hours by email. ...Effortlessly

CHINA CONSULTANTS! Our team will help you interpret the results and understand the information provided.

PROTECT MY DEPOSIT! We will provide you with our legal contracts for suppliers and trading companies to sign, which helps protect any payments you make to them for recoverability of funds. No other service offers this! (*applies to intermediate verification only)

Choose which verification level works for you:


    1. Key company information
    2. Name and, registration status
    3. Business license, expiry date, and status
    4. Registered address and company number
    5. Company type and date of establishment
    6. Legal representatives
    7. Registered capital
    8. Paid-up capital
    9. Business scope
    10. Company shareholders and directors


    1. Everything in Basic Verification, plus:
    2. Proprietary phone interview technique (in Chinese) - this is a custom interview technique consisting of questions we have developed that will give you special insight into the organization's culture, willingness, and the mindset of management and staff. This is invaluable and the technique is done anonymously.
    3. Proprietary “Protect my Deposit” legal contract that ensures you can recover your deposits
    4. Do they own any trademarks,
    5. Do they own any patents,
    6. Full details of any legal cases,
      1. Details and penalties
      2. Judgments and law enforcement
      3. Dishonesty or black-listings
      4. Abnormal business operations
    7. Validating the information against your commercial documents


      1. Everything at the Intermediate Verification, plus:
      2. Company certification and licenses
      3. Historical China customs data
      4. U.S customs data
      5. Details of all subsidiaries and branches
      6. Detailed financial statements and annual returns


      1. Everything in the Comprehensive Verification, plus:
      2. Our auditor will do a physical site visit 
      3. Our auditor will check original documentation
      4. We will provide site inspection photos
      5. We will provide detailed feedback on production facilities and capabilities

    Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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    Can I buy the basic level and upgrade later?

    Yes, you can purchase the basic verification, add the next levels when you are ready, and just pay the difference.


    Finding suppliers through online platforms like Alibaba, trade-shows or by introduction via sourcing specialists is the best way, however, verifying them and doing your own China verifications on these companies is important.

    How do I know if a Chinese company is legitimate? How do I verify Chinese manufacturers?

    Through our China company verification, you will be able to identify if Chinese manufacturers are legitimate by their annual reports, company licenses, and legal representatives. Depending on the level you choose, we can highlight if there are any bad reputation records or judgments against the company, provide more details, and arrange physical site visits. With a Chinese manufacturer, we do recommend visiting their production facilities, to ensure your goods are going to be produced at the correct location.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Jacob Barsoum

    I booked a pre shipment inspection with Global TQM and the amount of detail they completed with the assessment surpassed my expectation by a great deal.

    The team on the ground is extremely responsive and are quick to get back to you.

    Customer service is out of this world.

    I have already booked another pre shipment inspection with the team.

    David & Pauline Kennedy
    Just Amazing!

    We have used your services on 4 or 5 occasions now: trade marking, product sourcing, inspections, order management service, and also discussions with you and Simon.

    In this crazy world people tend to only contact or write to businesses when they are not happy about something.

    We wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the services your company offered and glad that we used them. It made our life easier and also kept us a way from any traps that we might have fallen into.

    Your team has been fantastic and are a credit to you. It’s hard to find people that really understand these days that the customer is the key to future growth and care about doing a good job. We will definitely use your services again

    Also a big shout out to Coco. She was fantastic and really looked after us. Making sure that the factories stayed in line and delivered what they were meant to. Great at keeping in contact and keeping us in the loop. A pleasure to work with. She’s a big asset to your company.

    We wish you continued success.

    Until next time,

    David & Pauline Kennedy

    Lynn Gee

    I'm extremely happy and impressed with Coco who is helping me with Order Management. She is always quick to reply, helpful, resourceful and diplomatic. I'm grateful to have been introduced to David and the GlobalTQM system for doing business in China.

    Lee Hong Chan
    Reliable and trustworthy

    Used GTQM inspection service several time’s now. Their service gave me peace of mind and I know I could rely on them going forward

    Sarah H

    Coco & David have been amazing. they have answered every question I have really quickly and provided honest advice. I am so glad I paid for their services as the language barrier has been really difficult for me with my supplier but Coco has been a huge help!