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Welcome Reliable Education Students

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Ready to build a profitable Amazon business with a Chinese supplier you can trust

GlobalTQM is your partner on the ground in China. We help Reliable Education students power their businesses with carefully vetted Chinese suppliers and products. 

We eliminate 99% of quality disputes beforethey happen


Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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Different ways we can help you... 

✓ Pre-screened Supplier Sourcing Package

When you need help finding a supplier for a product category

  • A Whole Team. 
  • Not an Agent.
  • For under $10 per hour.
  • ​Fixed package pricing.
  • ​Call us.
You handle all communications + arrangements with your supplier directly. 

Supplier + Product Package 

When you have identified a supplier and product but need to do your due diligence
  • A Whole Team. 
  • Not an Agent.
  • For under $10 per hour.
  • ​Fixed package pricing.
  • ​Call us.

We handle the majority of communications + arrangements with your supplier.

✓ VIP Order Management

When you want VIP support + order management from A to Z with a selection of suppliers

  • A Whole Team. 
  • Not an Agent.
  • For under $10 per hour.
  • ​Fixed package pricing.
  • ​Call us.

We handle all communications + arrangements with your supplier related to this order. You can be as involved as you want to be or you can sit back and relax.

Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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       Amazon sellers like working with us because...       

We look more professional when we source product"


We are beginners in this field. But when we engaged David’s team to the supplier, we looked like we were serious. Like we meant business. These suppliers feel we've been around for a long time.”
- Gino Severin, Boom Kapow, Reliable Education Graduate

"Wait, can't I do this myself?"

Sure, you can do it yourself if you have the time and patience to invest in learning and a high tolerance for mistakes.

Alibaba and Global Sources are mesh and maze of suppliers. It's difficult to know who is a good supplier, how to communicate what you need, and feel confident they'll deliver exactly what you want.

The sourcing process is time-consuming, frustrating, and confusing.

Tapping into GlobalTQM's expertise and experienced team means you can fast-track your success.

You'll avoid wasted time (your biggest asset), stress, headaches, hassle, and costly mistakes. Plus, we have Chinese speaking staff to take care of the communications, so nothing's lost in translation.


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Protect Yourself Against Hidden Risks

Our core approach is focused on vetting your supplier and setting clear, detailed expectations upfront for your products and quality requirements

With all your product's specifications, instructions, and requirements documented properly, you eliminate 90% of hidden risks. 

globaltqm papers

Your Paperwork Done Properly

Your paperwork is your protection in this business. 

We take care of your most critical documents, including a professional Purchase Order, a detailed product expectation document (called an OrderBOM™), and a signed Secure My Deposit Contract to protect your money.

globaltqm step

Take Your Next Step with Certainty

If dealing with Chinese suppliers leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure, our approach is designed to give you more certainty - so you can move forward with a supplier and product with confidence.

We guide you step by step, removing much of the complexity from this process. You'll learn a lot while working with us.

Here’s how we reduce your risk:


Confirm your supplier can legally manufacture your product

We check for the right legal registrations and certifications, so you know who you're dealing with.

You get:

✓ A Supplier Registration & Certificate Report


Secure your deposits & payments with a legally enforceable contract

We recommend and advise on reasonable payment terms in line with best practices, so that your terms are legally and contractually secure. 

We also prepare a Secure My Deposit Contract for you and your supplier. This contract is legally enforceable in China (written in Chinese and English) and helps you recover any deposits made with your supplier if necessary.** 

You get:

✓ A signed Secure My Deposit Contract


Prove your supplier has the expertise & equipment to manufacture your product

Manufacturers specialize in certain types of product and materials. When you unknowingly contract a specialized supplier for a different type of product, they’ll outsource the work to a third party. 

This often results in a flawed end product because you aren’t dealing directly with the real producer and you can’t control the quality of their work.

We interview the factory management in Chinese to verify your supplier can manufacture your product on-site.**

You’ll know you’re dealing with a professional factory with the expertise, team, and equipment on-hand to deliver a quality product you can sell with pride.

You get:

✓ A Supplier Production Capability Assessment Report


Have a fully compliant product wherever you sell

Every country has specific regulatory compliance requirements like safety and food contact. If your product doesn’t meet them, Amazon will force you to recall. They can even cancel your seller account without warning. 

Compliance matters. 

We review the compliance requirements for 1 country and 1 product and make a list to include in your purchase order. **

Because many compliance documents in China are fake, we also validate the compliance reports you receive from your manufacturer. 

You get:

✓ A Compliance Document Review Report


Set expectations for the perfect inspection with our proprietary OrderBOM™

Everything we prepare for you is recorded in your custom OrderBOM™. This invaluable document is where every requirement, specification, and instruction for your product is listed - details like:

  • Product Features
  • Technical Information
  • Product Safety Warnings & Markings
  • Packaging & Labelling
  • Order Terms & Conditions
  • Special Instructions
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Documents ​Shipping & Logistics ​
  • Product Quality Checks

These details form the basis of your purchase order contract and your product’s final inspection. 

By setting expectations upfront, you prevent 99% of quality disputes from the start. With your T’s crossed and I’s dotted, you avoid misunderstandings that can impact product quality and derail your business.

You get:

✓ A Custom OrderBOM™ as PDF document


Strengthen your payment terms & general conditions

We review your purchase order, basic payment terms, and general conditions and make a list of specifications and standards to include for your manufacturer. (All recommendations are listed in your custom OrderBOM™.)

You get:

✓ A professional Purchase Order


Check your samples before they leave China, shaving weeks off your ordering cycle

We shave weeks off your ordering cycle by checking your samples before they ever leave China for your doorstep. 

Your samples are sent to our China-based office where we do a visual check.** 

We record any obvious and important observations in your OrderBOM™. This way, we ensure your final product shipment is the same as the sample received. 

You get:

✓ A visual sample added to your OrderBOM™ in the Quality Control Section.


Get your own account manager who's just a message away

Your account manager is the person who will guide you step by step throughout the entire vetting process.

All of our account managers speak both Chinese and English, and can be reached anytime during business hours via email, Skype, Whatsapp, or WeChat.  

You get:

✓ Your own account manager available by email, Skype, Whatsapp, or Wechat

We eliminate 99% of quality disputes beforethey happen

You get a carefully vetted supplier, a professional purchase order, and your custom OrderBOM™ detailing all your product's instructions, specifications, and expectations.

Purchase Orderbom

Vetting your supplier first is the smartest business investment

What’s so important about vetting my supplier?

A bad supplier can cost you A LOT of money. You place a big order. And they never deliver. Or they deliver “defective” product. 

This can cost you $100K+ in damages or frozen inventory. Amazon could shut down your seller account without warning. A bad supplier can cost you your entire Amazon business
Vetting your supplier reduces most of your risk. 

Can you choose the supplier for me?

We strongly believe the best manufacturing relationships happen when you - the entrepreneur - are as involved in this process as possible. 

That’s why it’s important for you to choose your own future partners. After all, they are your relationships. 

Do all suppliers pass the vetting process? 

Not always. It’s not common, but it does happen. 

Sometimes a supplier is unwilling to cooperate, is unresponsive, or just raises too many red flags. 
When this happens, we report it to you immediately. 
It’s better to weed out a poor supplier now before placing a massive $10,000 order or building your business on a weak link. 

Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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