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Product Fit-For-Purpose Evaluation

Product Fit-For-Purpose Evaluation

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What to expect...

Is your product fit to sell? The Product Sample Test checks a product's basic function and performance, external construction, and cosmetics before you invest too much in setting up your supply chain. Price per product test. Test results in 3 days.

  • Check your product for generally accepted standards and fit for purpose testing.
  • Function and basic performance, External construction, and cosmetics.


  • Basic checks per final inspection, visual and general look and feel.
  • Test on one product.
  • A test report with findings, and suggestions.

(Please note, this does not include a Full Product Evaluation, Quality Protocol, or Laboratory Testing. You can add these more comprehensive tests to your order for an additional fee.)

Excludes any test that requires equipment from the factory, however, these tests will be noted down, and the factory can provide evidence of undertaking that it will pass.

TIME TAKEN: Approx. 3 days after receiving your sample

How it works...

  1. Send your product sample to our offices.
  2. We perform the test within 3 days.
  3. You get the test report with the results & our recommendations by email.

What you need to prepare...

    • Requires a sample as close to production-ready as possible, with the same packaging to be more accurate, delivered to our office.
        • Requires product sheets and specs and any commercial requirements important to you.
                • Requires an understanding of the difference between this basic check and Full Product Evaluation + Quality Protocol, Laboratory Tests

                  Optional extras...

                  Full Product Evaluation + Quality Protocol

                  Laboratory Tests

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