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Source from China in 30 Days Package

Source from China in 30 Days Package

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Do you want to take your business to the next level with your own private label brand?

Do you want to avoid costly mistakes and reduce the risks of doing business with Chinese manufacturers?

The Source from China in 30 Days Package is for every entrepreneur & e-Comm seller who needs to buy products from China and understands the struggles of sourcing great products and identifying reliable manufacturers in China.

What are the most common problems sellers are facing now?

Communicating in a foreign language and culture is challenging, but the journey still has many problems when it comes to sourcing products and suppliers effortlessly.

Without the right experience, there is a very high risk you will waste a lot of time and money! Which means you most likely won't launch your products on time.

And worst of all, many entrepreneurs & e-Comm sellers haven't yet realized that they need to be accountable for the most common problems faced when dealing with Chinese suppliers. As a result, it requires a lot of energy to buy from China.

All this can make getting to market quickly and efficiently truly challenging!

But luckily for you, you don't have to do it alone! 

So, if you're an entrepreneur or e-Comm seller who really needs to buy products from China, and struggles with sourcing great products or finding reliable Chinese suppliers, the Source from China in 30 Days Package is the answer you've been looking for!

Getting started and figuring out how we can help you (everyone has a different need), couldn't be easier as you can schedule a free call now below, and let us figure it out for you.

How it works

  • You get assigned an account manager and fill out our RFQ (basically your requirements) form.

  • We review the RFQ with you to refine it so you can get the best results from manufacturers.

  • We then start doing our work and presenting you with quotations and offers.


EASY! We do all the heavy lifting, communication, and administration so you can spend more time focusing on your business... It's never been easier!

DOCUMENT TEMPLATES! We provide and prepare all the commercial, legal, shipping, and technical documents, and templates required, which gives you the peace of mind knowing all the crucial but boring stuff is taken care of.

VETTED SUPPLIERS! You get access to our pre-vetted supplier base in China. You’ll receive quotes on your products from suppliers who have a proven track record.

BECOME A PRO! Learn as you go, ensuring you can build your experience and confidence learning from our processes, which gives you everything you need to do it on your own in the future.

BUILD YOUR ROLODEX! Build your supplier and product directory in China for future use. You gain a supplier list and product catalog of offers to access in the future because you own all the collected information.

Frequently asked questions


Is my information confidential?

We sign confidentiality agreements with you, and we have all suppliers sign confidentiality agreements too. If patent or design infringement is a particularly high risk with your products, we use what we call a “fragmented” approach to sharing information, which we would be glad to explain in greater detail if you feel this requirement might apply to you.

Are results 100% guaranteed?

Remember that all manufacturers are third parties. We build an RFQ with you (which is your list of requirements) and if the requirements are reasonable (and we advise you on that), you usually get positive results. If you don’t get good results, it may be necessary to adjust the RFQ and expectations. Our role is to be clear and concise and ensure your expectations are reasonable, in order to obtain the optimal results.

Do you only find me one supplier?

We find you multiple suppliers and get multiple quotes. The good news is that you retain all this data and information and build your supplier database (Rolodex) and product catalog.

What if I don’t have an idea for a product?

It’s common that clients might only have an idea about the general category they want to get into and use our sourcing services to find ideas from manufacturers (which is a great approach). Visiting trade-shows (which we can also help with) is a great way to find product ideas too.

Can you work with my existing manufacturers?

Yes, we can add your suppliers to the list and include them in the comparisons and quotes received, or we can simply help you by taking over the day-to-day communication with suppliers to free up your time.

Can I talk directly to the suppliers? 

Absolutely yes! We encourage that, and one of our main goals is for you to build long-lasting relationships with suppliers. Yes, that means at some point, you may not need our continued guidance in dealing with vendors, but we couldn’t be happier because, by that stage, our relationship will hopefully have evolved to inspection services and site visits. Furthermore, there are many other ways we can help your business grow and we look forward to those conversations.

How long does the sourcing take?

Typically, the first 30 days are crucial and thereafter you can stop and restart the service as need be. We always support you.

What is not included in this package?

This service does not include sample arrangement (that can be added as a top-up). Our Sample Concierge offering is discounted if you have already purchased a sourcing package. Order management (when you are ready to place an order) is a separate service. All-in-one packages are available, so schedule your call so we can discuss your needs. We are more than willing to support you.

Can I source multiple products with one sourcing package?

The short answer is yes! But remember, focus is key, and diluting your 30-day package will get you fragmented results, as time is a limited resource. However, in some cases, you may find it more valuable to use the sourcing package to do a lot of homework and benchmarking before honing in on what product is right, which we would discuss during our on-boarding call.

Will you charge any extra mark-up on the orders and do factories pay any rebates to you?

All pricing is transparent. You will receive pricing and quotes directly from the manufacturers on their quote sheets. You will also have unfettered access to all the manufacturers. You are paying us for our time and resources. With larger clients, if your ordering volumes are predictable, we can charge a percentage of purchases. If you feel you are at this stage, let’s discuss it on our call.

Can you guarantee a job will be completed within 30 days?

In most cases, we can. It would be highly unusual for us to not provide a shortlist of suppliers and offers within 30 days. Sampling, benchmarking, and renegotiating for new offers can sometimes exceed 30 days, but we make those assessments during the 30-day review where we figure out the next steps.

What is the 30-day review?

We’re glad you asked. This is a call we do every 30 days (aside from our regular conversations) whereby we hold an accountability and feasibility check on the project, ensuring we are delivering results and that you are providing the required input into the project, so we both win. It acts as an internal quality control check.

How does your team differ from a sourcing agent?

Sourcing requires access to experts across different fields. Skillsets include but are not limited to commercial, shipping, compliance, quality control, and inspection. In our experience, one single person cannot be an expert at everything. A  team of qualified people is better than a single agent as they often have one special area of experience. Most importantly, you will find having access to successful entrepreneurs, who have actually run businesses just like you, will be a cornerstone to your success.

What do you need from me?

 This is a “done with you”, not a “done for you” service, which means your input is important. Here are some tips:<

  • View yourself as a project manager managing your own team in China and follow your gut when making decisions.
  • We need your trust in our experience.
  • It's important to be able to change direction quickly and be nimble if you're going to find success.

If I don't find a product, have I failed?

(we call this "What Failure Doesn't Look Like?")

Think of sourcing as a funnel through which you have to filter products and suppliers, and you learn a lot along the way. It's this knowledge and experience (the homework as we call it) that is never wasted and is crucial to making the right decisions in business.

Failure is not: receiving bad samples, slow communication from suppliers, changing suppliers mid-way, going back to the drawing board on design, or pricing expectations.

It's important to have a robust process and if you do much of the above, changes in direction are normal. It's important to have a strong mindset of business goals and objectives and not let road bumps stop your journey.

Should I move forward with a sourcing project?

  • A 30-day sourcing program is an investment in your business.
  • The information and knowledge you acquire never go to waste and give you the insights you need as well as many contacts.
  • without homework and research, it's hard to make the right decision.

What if I want to handle this sourcing myself?

That’s reasonable and often advisable; our team is here to support you in any capacity. Feel free to call on our expertise and resources as and when needed. We also offer mentoring calls with our experienced entrepreneurs if you just need a sounding board and some advice on what direction to take.

Is there a limited time frame or space for me to make a decision?

To ensure we can serve all our customers well, we do have a limited amount of sourcing packages that we offer each month. Priority also goes to existing clients, so please do schedule a call, and let's get you into the system and part of the team as soon as possible. If we don’t have the capacity, we will be honest and advise you accordingly, but we will keep you in the queue.

Watch a video to see how best you might use your team on the ground in China.


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