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Order Management

Order Management

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Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations.

What to expect...

So you have found your supplier, are ready to move forward and place your first order, this will put all the commercial documents, agreements and quality checklist in place and front-loaded with your manufacturer.

  • Ideal if you are a customer who knows exactly what they want and has a reasonably good idea of specifications and requirements important to you and has already identified  1 to 3 suppliers they want to work with.
  • Sourcing Package reports are omitted and that work is presumed done.


  • Your own account manager, with email and Skype support and replies within a 1 day response time.
  • Supplier Validation Level 2
  • Proprietary OrderBOM detailing all specs and requirements your information and Purchase Order Review, RFQ(3)
  • Negotiations with your supplier (in Chinese) and Sign-off commercial documents (in Chinese or English depending).
  • Preparation and handling of NDA‚ Tooling and Moulds, Exclusivity Agreement, Secure deposit contract, or other legal documents, limited to the templates we use.


  • Compliance Document Review Report
  • Production updates

What you need to prepare...

Requires a product and supplier to have been selected,

Requires your input on commercial terms and commercial acceptance of specs and contract details, we will give our advice and opinion.

Optional extras...

  • Factory Audits
  • Sample RCF package
  • Lab Tests
  • Lab Quotes
  • Final Inspection
  • Sourcing Package
    If you take a decision during the package to give-up with this supplier and product, we can offer a discount of between 10-50% off the purchase of a new package based on a new supplier or product. We understand this happens, so we estimate the percentage discount on a new package purchase based on the time, resource and effort put in is up-to that stage.

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