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Sample Concierge

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Never waste money on broken samples again.

Get your samples in less than half the time at half the cost.


All of this before your samples leave China!

Sample concierge is for every buyer who needs to review and compare samples before placing orders with their Chinese suppliers but can’t waste time or money on receiving incorrect samples.

The reality is samples often arrive broken or incorrect, but the bigger frustration is you can't confirm orders until you review and sign-off samples.

It is a common realization that you can waste so much time and money waiting to review samples, leaving you disappointed and frustrated with your suppliers.

A common misconception most buyers face is the idea that factories always send their best samples to impress you, but the truth is they often rush or hand-make samples.

All this can make trying to get samples from your Chinese supplies in a timely and cost-effective manner a nightmare! But luckily for you, GlobalTQM is here with your solution!

So, if you're a buyer who needs to review and compare samples before placing orders with your Chinese suppliers but can’t waste time or money on receiving incorrect samples, Sample Concierge is the answer you've been looking for!

Getting started and figuring out how we can help you (everyone has a different need) couldn't be easier as you can schedule a free call below, and let us figure it out for you.

Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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How it works

  1. You get assigned an account manager who provides you with a shipping label to send to your suppliers.

  2. We receive samples and you get notified with all the details.

  3. You can track the progress of your samples, review photos, and schedule review calls using the link we provide you.


NEXT-DAY SAMPLES! Review samples within days of ordering as they are delivered straight to our office in China!

DAILY UNBOXINGWatch a detailed unboxing of samples via video with high-resolution photos of different angles on the same day the samples arrive, which instantly reveals many details. In a flash!

VIDEO CALLS! Our team will review samples on a video call with you so you can ask questions and gain more insights into the samples.

CONSOLIDATE & FORWARDDon’t waste money on courier and freight fees. We will consolidate the good samples you have approved and ship them all together at the same time to you.

FREE STORAGE! We can store your samples for free, allowing you to wait before forwarding all samples. More importantly, the perfect golden sample can be kept on hand in China so that the final production of your goods can always be benchmarked against what you have signed off on during Pre-shipment Inspection.

PRIORITY SUPPLIER SUPPORTSuppliers react quicker when they know you have a local office on the ground in China receiving your samples, and they usually agree to take back and refund any faulty or damaged samples. It’s that easy! 

We curate your samples before they leave China. That means we track your shipment, review each one with you over a video call, and then forward the promising samples to your location. It's exactly like having your own office and team on the ground. This service pays for itself in courier fee savings.

Frequently asked questions


Do you check the samples?

We will do a visual comparison with the general look and feel of samples and we can compare it to a reference sample if you have one.

Where is your office?

Our offices are based in Luohu District, Shenzhen, China. Our team will provide you with a label for your suppliers to use as a shipping label with their couriers.

How many samples can I send to your China office? 

There is no limit to the number of samples. The service ends when you book your 45-minute video call, or when we forward your batch of samples to you. If you choose not to do the video call, we typically end the job once all your samples are forwarded to you.

Why do you say this service pays for itself?

The costs you save with one courier fee of the wrong sample sent to you internationally easily covers the cost of this service, not to mention the time it saves.

What kind of photos do you send me and how?

The minute a sample arrives, we take detailed photos of unboxing from all angles. Usually, this detail can already tell you a lot about the condition of the sample, and whether it meets your expectations.

Do I need my own forwarder or courier account?

No, you don't. We can either use ours and quote you, or you can use yours. We can also help you to set up your own.

Can you help me pay for samples?

We are able to help you make payments more quickly in China to your suppliers for samples. Once you purchase the service, we will open a current account for you, which you can pre-fund to any amount, and then instruct our team to make payments. There is a nominal transaction fee for this.

      TIME TAKEN FOR THIS SERVICE: Varying amount of times, depending on when samples are received.

      You have the choice of closing off a batch at any time and starting a new batch if manufacturers are responding slowly. Each new batch is a new service fee and would be a new service cost.

      Generally, we keep a job open for 2 months, but depending on circumstances we can extend that (because we know suppliers can sometimes let us all down and delays happen).

      Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

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      GlobalTQM Sample Concierge

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      If you have any doubts or questions the quickest solution is to schedule a free call below.


      Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations. 

      GlobalTQM Schedule a Call Button

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Everything was an absolute pleasure.

      Working with Whymon as our sourcing agent was an absolute pleasure. Whymon meet all the agreed milestones, resolved miscommunication issues, and was very forthcoming in his knowledge of the industry, which also helped us to avoid creating future issues. This not only saved us time and money, but also gave me peace of mind. I will definitely not try and go it alone again. Thank you to all the GlobalTQM team.

      Simon & Tanya |
      Overall it has been a very positive experience.

      From our initial contact with Joyce, through to the sourcing by Whymon we cannot recommend GlobalTQM highly enough.

      This is our first foray in to sourcing and Joyce conducted our initial meeting. Her knowledge and upfront communication really stood out to us. She was very clear spelling out what Global could help us with and also what requirements were needed of us.

      Our second meeting was with Joyce and the owner David to finalise any questions we had about the process before we purchased the package. Both were very welcoming, friendly and knowledgable and we felt that we were in very good hands and comfortable to move forward.

      We were assigned Whymon as our package manager and wow what a great asset he is to Global. From the very start we couldn't speak more highly about his professionalism.
      His communication has been outstanding, responses always timely and everything has been so transparent and open. He has been available to us with any questions or any back and forth communications.

      He has been our representative dealing with our preferred factories. So far the outcomes have been great. We are happy now to be moving through to the sampling stage with these factories.
      If you are new to sourcing Global are without a doubt an amazing company to have on your side. The experience they bring to the table is invaluable.
      Even if you aren't new to sourcing just the sheer volume of work they deliver for the price is outstanding.
      As stated we are now moving in to our sampling package and we hope that we can leave a review as good after sampling is finished.
      Thankyou Whymon, David and Joyce.

      Carolin P
      Great eye to detail, responsive and reliable

      I’ve been using GlobalTQM for both sourcing products and continuously for inspections for multiple shipments and have been very happy with their thoroughness, reliability and responsiveness, always on time and giving recommendations on how to handle Chinese suppliers, I am very pleased with their services.

      Kaye Stefanovic
      Saved us a lot of trouble and heartache

      We have a niche product and thought we had found the manufacturer for us. There were a couple of red flags so we went with TQM for a factory inspection. Their assessment recommending we not proceed was hard to read but we soon realised that TQM had saved us a lot of money and heartache. Joyce and Whymon were excellent communicators and extended our 30 day service due to the Chinese New Year and our own holiday. Although we ultimately did not find a Chinese manufacturer it was a fabulous service and money well spent. Thank you.

      Angela Haereroa
      Great So Far

      I am just at the beginning of my sourcing journey. Whymon my project manager has been so great at communication with me and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Very excited for the next step in the manufacturing process.