3D IP Design & Prototypes

3D IP Design & Prototypes

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Pricing is per hour, please schedule a free call so we can make a custom quote, based on your requirements.

Simple. Free. Advice. No Obligations.


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What to expect...

Bring your ideas to life with professional 3D drawings, CAD designs, industrial designs, 3D printing, and prototyping. Customized to your unique needs. Billed by the hour. Contact us for a quote & hour estimation.

Quote and pricing to be based on drawings and brief

  • The services are provided on a per-hour rate
  • A quotation and estimation of hours for each phase are quoted in advance.
  • You can stop the process at any stage and all work done to date is your property.


  • A consultation to refine the best methods and tools to use.
  • Suggestions for improving the product.
  • Direct communication where required with one of our vetted and approved affiliate partners if required.


  • An understanding of the design and development process, the importance of the process and patience required.
  • Clear expectations that multiple iterations are normal to get to perfection.
  • A clear understanding that not all designers will be able to reproduce your vision and idea, finding a designer is like finding your best pair of shoes. You may have to go through a few.

TIME TAKEN: Varies depending on the brief. You get an estimation after briefing us on your needs.


  • The professional design and/or prototype deliverables agreed to in the brief

How it works...

1. Contact us to discuss your design and prototype needs.

2. We send you a quote and an estimation of the hours needed.

What you need to prepare...

Information: Contact us to put together a design brief and get an estimation for the number of hours required.

Patience: Design is an iterative process. Please understand it will take several rounds to get your vision just right.