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We had a wonderful successful seminar at the Canton Fair, where we talked about China sourcing, and helped a number of entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

However, we realized that this was not enough and we need to reach out to more people who are looking out for help to achieve their visions. We met a lot of amazon students at the Canton fair, and we realized that we can help them by providing right information and guidance, which could benefit a lot of people. So, we took a step further and organized a webinar about sourcing and IP protection for them.

The webinar was a huge success, and was attended by almost 570+ people, and was even distributed to more than 2000 Amazon students which were provided with an offline link to access the webinar. We discussed a lot of topics related to IP, such as the reasons applying for a trademark, the common reasons for rejection and the ways to contest a trademark. We also discussed the utility of patents, pending patents, and PCT patents. Some of the important tips to consider for IP protection are

  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Resolution / Compensation / Arbitration Fragmentation
  • Fragment or Redact information to reduce risk.
  • Use watermarks

The audience was amazing, very enthusiastic to learn, and had several queries about the IP protection, and sourcing in general. There were a lot of good questions and was really amazing to see the budding entrepreneurs working hard to realize their visions. After an intensive round of Q&A, we did a couple of polls to understand the audience, and the results were quite commendable.

  1.  83% of the students in webinar had never imported a product from China before, but 66% had already had owned a business before.
  2.     As it often perceived about Chinese products, most of the students (67%) had a fear of getting poor quality products.
  3.     Lastly, most of the students (70%) were motivated to visit China in the next 6-12 months, even though they had never been here.

To summarize, it was really a wonderful experience to host a webinar for so many enthusiastic students, who were all ready to work on their ideas and are willing to give in their best effort to make sure the ideas come to life. At the same time, they had a lot of apprehensions and were skeptical to work in China. It was great to have the feeling that we were able to ease out a lot of the people’s nerves. We have always been helping our clients in various aspects of sourcing and manufacturing, to help them achieve their visions. We would continue with our efforts to help more and more people to realize their goals.

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