Product Differentiation via Branding: The Most Effective Way to Stand Out from Your Competitors [Podcast Ep14]

Product Differentiation via Branding: The Most Effective Way to Stand Out from Your Competitors [Podcast Ep14]


Why is product differentiation more and more important?

Online shopping has given your customers have all the power.

Today, in just a few minutes they can compare products or the same product from multiple suppliers.

They can buy from anywhere in the world and get their purchased delivered in a few days.

In a world of “infinite” choices, you need to give people a reason to buy from you.

The better you can identify what’s unique to your product, to make people’s decision to buy from you easier, the more sales you’ll make.

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Misconceptions about product differentiation

Some businesses try to look for products that are completely unique.

While this is a good way to differentiate, finding something no one else has is rare.

It’s much easier to improve regular products using simple features like aesthetics.

People will buy from you or pay a premium only because they like your color palette better, or have a nicer looking logo, than your competitors.

So you don’t need “big” differentiators.

The little things work just as well.

Don’t overlook your brand

“Brand” could be, in my experience, the most overlooked aspect of product differentiation.

A lot of the time, your brand is what will set you apart because consumers are spoiled for choice.

They’ll buy from you because maybe you’ve got a better reputation in the market…

Maybe they’ve bought from you before…

Maybe your customer service is great, etc.

They trust your brand.

My clients often ask me whether they should develop their own product and patent it.

I tell them they should register their trademark and develop their brand instead.

Unless, of course, the product is truly unique and worth patenting.

Protecting your brand internationally

E-commerce is internationalizing.

People who registered their brand in the U.S.A, and were selling in the U.S.A., can now sell in Europe, Australia, Japan, and other markets.

Those product reviews you get from all around the world…they’re all contributing to your brand’s reputation.

That’s why your brand becomes your most important differentiator.

And you need to protect it.

For example, I’ve seen cases where some shady manufacturers or companies register your brand in China and start selling your products.

Because they know your product is selling well in another country like the U.S.A.

More than just registering the brand in China, these manufacturers are piggy-backing off your hard work.

Because people research product online and they can see your good reviews.

And remember, China is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world.

So these copycats can be quite successful using this tactic.

We call this “brand squatting,” by the way.


Product differentiation is essential and more important than ever.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, there are a number of ways you can do it.

Like coming out with a unique product no one in the market has.

Or identifying and promoting unique features of your product your competitors don’t have.

Or paying attention to aesthetics like colors, logo, packaging, etc.

But the best way to differentiate is to develop an emotional connection with consumers.

And that’s where a strong brand comes in.

In a world of “infinite” choice, you win if you build the best relationship with your prospects and customers.

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