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Canton Fair doesn’t need an introduction to anybody right now, it has developed as the biggest brand amongst the trade fairs, and serves as a Mecca for entrepreneurs from all over the world. The Canton Fair also has the longest history as an international trading event and an excellent place for sourcing suppliers. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs see it as an annual pilgrimage.

Being a leading service provider to a number of clients over the years, we have been part of the Canton fair several times, and this time also it was an incredible experience. However, this time was special, as we were invited to speak at a seminar for a number of budding entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers from all over the world. We participated in the October, 2nd phase of the Canton fair this year during 23rd-27th Oct. 2017. The seminar on the topic of “Navigating Tradeshows like a Pro” was organized in the beautiful setting of Shangri-La in Guangzhou and attended by well over 100 entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers from various parts of the world. Visiting the fair is like learning about thousands of factories in the quickest time span and meeting suppliers face-to-face in a matter of days, which can be quite overwhelming for a lot of people. Some of the important topics discussed in the seminar to ease out their nerves were –

  • Navigating trade shows and suppliers
  • SMART Questions to ask the suppliers
  • Getting Prices
  • Intellectual Property Protection

The audience was amazing, very enthusiastic to learn, and had several queries about the process, suppliers, canton fair and sourcing in general. Everybody has dreams, and it was commendable to see all those promising entrepreneurs to actually make efforts to make sure that their dreams come to life. Besides some serious topics at the seminar, we also took up some light-hearted topics such as ‘10 Rules to do Business in China’, wherein we discussed some insights into the cultural aspects of working with China. There were a lot of good questions from the audience related to payment methods, quality control standards, and intellectual property protection.

To sum up, we had an amazing experience at the Canton fair this year, and it was great to see so many successful entrepreneurs out there at the Canton fair, and to see them take all the right steps to achieve those dreams, was an overwhelming sight. We have been working with our clients for many years, by supporting them in various aspects of sourcing and manufacturing, to help them achieve their visions. We want to continue our mission and help many people to achieve their dreams and goals.

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