Amazon raising fees

Amazon just told sellers that it had the 'largest one-year investment' in fulfillment infrastructure — but it's raising fees by just 3% next year

Amazon raising fees has disturbed many sellers, however, it’s easy to under-estimate the value Amazon brings...
Anyone experienced running a business would most likely have gone through the pain and frustration of trying to manage things like logistics and other operations on their own. The costs, learning curve, and time take is huge, and you most likely will not get it right to the level that Amazon has perfected efficiency and process.


I am more than happy to pay these fees, enjoy the customer satisfaction it brings, and focus my time and energy on areas of business I’m good at.


The move shows the importance with which Amazon views growing its…


Article from Business Insider 

By Eugine Kim, Dec 21, 2019, 6:35 AM

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