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Our office is your office. Our team is your team. Our expertise is your expertise.

From prototypes to partners to processes, we help you ramp up production by finding smarter ways to bring your product to the world.

Find Chinese suppliers you can trust

Why spend weeks sorting through thousands of suppliers on Alibaba, when you can shortcut right to the pre-screened suppliers in as little as 3 days?

With our pre-screened supplier package, you get a list of 3-5 pre-screened suppliers, including background information and potential products.

Go from a thousand options to a few great ones. Save yourself weeks of effort and plenty of headaches.

Be sure you’re moving forward with the right supplier

It’s easy to get information overload when looking for and comparing suppliers.

We vet your suppliers’ background and factory capabilities to ensure your they have the right team, equipment, and expertise on hand to manufacture your products.

Move forward with the confidence that you’ve selected the right supplier.

Save weeks & money by sending your samples to our office in China

Ordering samples can be expensive after you pay for the freight and factor in the cost of waiting for your shipment.

It’s easier, faster, and safer to have your suppliers send samples to our office in Shenzhen. And it shaves loads off your transport costs and weeks off your ordering cycle.  

It works like this: You ship your samples to our Shenzhen office. We track your order from the factory to our doorstep. Then we review them with you via a Skype video chat and forward you the ones that look promising.

Negotiate with suppliers like a pro

Negotiation skills are critical if you want to get what you wish from Chinese suppliers.

We train you to negotiate better terms. Book a mentoring call with us and get our best simple-but-effective negotiation strategies.

Set quality expectations from the beginning—not during final inspection

Don’t wait until your final inspection to set quality standards. By then it’s too late.

We frontload quality expectations from the beginning of a supplier relationship.

Having a crystal clear purchase order, detailed product specs, and a quality test checklist are crucial to preventing 90% of problems during your final inspection.

We protect your product’s quality with our proprietary OrderBOM document. And save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars on disappointing products.

Plus! Get support & advice along the way

From navigating trade shows to pricing advice, our team is here to support you at every step.

You’re supported by a network of over 60 experts specializing in Engineering, Shipping, Merchandising, Compliance, Inspection, and more.

We know it’s about more than sourcing. It’s about doing business in China with clarity and confidence.