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Our office is your office. Our team is your team. Our expertise is your expertise.

From compliance testing to receiving your samples to monitoring your shipments, we stay on top of your daily operations in China.

Get an experienced team to manage your shipments from end to end

We track your shipments through every step of the production process: materials ready, pre-production, mass production, final inspection, shipping, and vessel ETDs and ETAs.

Stay compliant in the face of fake docs, questionable factories & changing regulations

With constantly changing regulations, a flood of fake documents, and questionable working conditions, we help you stay compliant.

We can validate your factory’s compliance documents, arrange laboratory testing, verify lab tests, and conduct on-site factory audits to ensure you and your products are always compliant with regulatory standards.

Protect your business with paperwork that’s legally binding in China

Is your business exposed because of papers with loopholes?

We protect your assets with paperwork that’s ironclad. We review shipping and logistic documents, purchase orders, and payment contracts.

Ask us about our Secure My Deposit contract. It’s legally binding in China.

Trusted by CEOs around the world

CEOs around the world trust us to manage their global sourcing challenges. You can too.
Our clients include big names brands like JVC, Sunbeam, Akai as well as retailers like Kmart, Target, Bunnings, and Walmart.

You’re supported by a team of over 60 specialists

Our team is here to support you at every step. 

When you work with us, you gain access to our network of over 60 experts specializing in Engineering, Shipping, Merchandising, Compliance, Inspection, and more.

Our team is your team on the ground in China.