OrderBOM™ Quality Plan

OrderBOM™ Quality Plan

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What to expect...

Using a GlobalTQM Front Loaded OrderBOM™ with your purchase order? That means you qualify for a special final inspection anywhere in China at a reduced price!

  • Includes, Everything in an Onsite - Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
  • Requires, Everything in an Onsite - Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
  • Plus! When we prepare your OrderBOM™‚ we also offer you a special deal on final inspections
  • That's because we know having an OrderBOM makes the inspection faster and easier.
  • A final inspection must be used for the same product as the OrderBOM™.**
  • Free Extras, After purchase, your account manager will contact you within 24 hours to schedule consultations and collect additional information.

    TIME TAKEN: 24 hours

    Optional extras...

    Compliance document review

    Extended inspections

    Onsite - Container Loading Check