OrderBOM Document Review

OrderBOM Document Review

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What to expect...

This document sets quality expectations, detailed product specs, clear purchase orders & a quality control checklist. Eliminates 90% of quality disputes during final inspection, as its front-loaded while purchasing!

  • Don't wait until final inspection to worry about quality. Let's set expectations with your supplier from the start with a detailed OrderBOM (includes Purchase Order & Quality Check Plan)
  • Don'twait until your final inspection to set quality standards. By then it too late.
  • We've reinvented how final inspections should be done front-loading quality expectations from the start.
  • A crystal clear purchase order, detailed product specs, and a quality test checklist are crucial to preventing 90% of quality disputes during your final inspection.
  • We do this through our proprietary OrderBOM document. And we strongly encourage you to have it before paying any deposits to the factory.
  • Your investment in this can save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the disappointing products.
  • Includes Pro-forma Invoice review of; Terms and conditions, Warranty, Spare parts, Regulatory and compliance, Packaging and labeling, Features and specifications, Signatories, Bank beneficiaries, Contractual entities.
  • Includes a list of items to Add / Change / Remove from your purchase order based on templates...
  • Includes per Product per Pro-forma invoice.
  • Excludes a full compliance document review

TIME TAKEN: At least 5 days or more

What you need to prepare...

Requires your information and requirements and expectations, we can walk you through it.

Optional extras...

Compliance Document Review