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Visit Suppliers or TradeShows

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What to expect...

You need to visit factories or trade-shows, or maybe have meetings in one convenient location! saving you hours of travel and seeing more suppliers! Use your China office to arrange this for you and have someone accompany you if you want!

Visiting China soon for meetings, factory visits, or trade shows? Let us make your visit to China smooth and stress free. Here are a few ways we help:

We prepare you for China, and plan your itinerary and arrange supplier meetings, transportation, and accommodation. A GlobalTQM representative can accompany you to a trade show or a factory visit to take notes, translate, and create a sample list.

Or we can visit your manufacturer for you, to document the condition of their factory with detailed pictures, so you get a REAL account of the facilities.

You can also reserve a showroom or meeting room to host your suppliers and business partners. Meet your partners in 1 central location instead of running around China for days. Plus, we're happy to give your confidence-boosting WeChat, email, and/or phone support from our team during your trip.

  • A GlobalTQM representative will accompany you to a trade show or around China to meet your suppliers.
  • Or optionally our expert teams will visit the manufacturer on your behalf, and give you a real account of their facilities with detailed pictures giving you peace of mind, and saving thousands of dollars of your travel time.
  • If you are tight on time, why not let them come meet you in our showroom, can save hours of travel, and allow you to meet many more suppliers.
  • Rate is a minimum day rate + all travel and accommodation costs.
  • A detailed quote will be prepared and presented
  • Meet your old or new suppliers and visit them.


  • Itinerary preparation, and a person to accompany you.
  • Use of meeting rooms in ‚your china office, to reduce traveling time.
  • Setting up meetings with suppliers
  • Taking notes, translating, and creating a sample list.
  • Arranging transportation and accommodation

Free Extra: friendly advice and service, WeChat support on your trip! (it's a big deal)

TIME TAKEN: We require a minimum of 2 weeks' notice to coordinate your meetings and prepare your itinerary.

**Price may vary depending on logistical preparation**

How it works...

1. Reach out to us with some details about your trip, including your tentative itinerary, a list of suppliers and/or selected trade shows you'd like to visit.

2. We'll set up a call to go over these details with you & to agree on the arrangements that need to be made.

3. We’ll make the arrangements, so that everything is ready when you arrive.

What you need to prepare...

Information about your visit, including a list of suppliers or selected trade shows

Requires: A brief from you and a supplier list for the visit, or selected your trade shows

Optional extras...

Higher qualified merchandisers can accompany you

Transport, accommodation and other costs are charged back to you

Sample Concierge

Sourcing Package

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sienna Mason
30 Day Sourcing Package Review

David and his team at Global TQM especially my sourcing account manager Whymon, have been extremely helpful and transparent throughout this process. The process itself was made so easy for me to follow, engage in and have a say in every aspect of the sourcing. Their expertise is unmatched and nothing I ever asked for or needed was dismissed or unheard. My sourcing account manager Whymon made this process seamlessly easy and his assistance in this process made the sourcing procedure amazing. Not to mention finding a manufacturer which could accommodate to my low MOQ’s and specific designs.

Grace Bell
Best decision I made for my company

It was great to work with GlobalTQM team, they helped me find good suppliers and drill down on my product to make sure it passed inspections!! Thank you

100% Recommended

I have used Global TQM for sourcing, inspections and negotiations, I have been impressed by the extra mile each time I have used their services. 100% recommended.

Pearly Tasker
First round of sourcing

Throughout this 30 days the communication with Whymon, Jenny and David at Global TQM has been prompt, clear and efficient, making the process of factory sourcing much less stressful and much more effective. My product is a challenging one, and therefore may need more than one round of sourcing, but I am confident that continuing with Global TQM will allow me to access the right factory when it becomes available!

Paul Elleston
Exceptional Service

My sourcing account manager, Whymon has provided me with an excellent service. He has been very dedicated and meticulous in his supplier searches and background enquiries to verify their claimed status and capabilities. He updated me on his activities and progress every working day and always consulted with me before the next action was agreed. Whymon possesses a wealth of knowledge around the sourcing process and undoubtedly spared me from numerous pitfalls. Prior to recruiting the support of GlobalTQM, I had made, what I thought was, a thorough preliminary search for suppliers. However, Whymon enabled me to shortlist additional good suppliers that I had not previously discovered. Overall, GlobalTQM have excellent staff, who make it an exceptional service.