How to build a business through sourcing products from China?

How to build a business through sourcing products from China?

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You want to import from China but you're not sure where to start.

Watch this training on "How to build a business through sourcing products from China" & you'll discover...

  • Details about finding products to sell! (Everyone fits into two categories...)
    1. You already have an idea! 💡
    2. You have no idea.
  • Steps to take when you have a product idea.
  • How to choose between a manufacturer and a trading company?
  • The most common Chinese cultural differences and misunderstandings that affect the quality of your final product.
  • Critical product areas to focus on when creating your first purchase order.
  • How to navigate trade shows like a professional buyer?
  • ... and more! 

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For more tips and tricks on how to source from China listen to our Podcast.

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Really helpful guide!

It was really helpful and good insights on how to source from China! The GlobalTQM Podcast is even better with real stories and experience.