Supplier Assessment & Validation

Supplier Assessment & Validation

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What to expect...

Get a legally binding agreement that protects your money, intellectual property, and other assets: deposit protection contracts, NDA‚ NNN& Declarations.

  • Preparation of contract, Supplier vetting for; Bank beneficiaries in China, Bank beneficiaries in Hong Kong, Background of legal entities, Terms and conditions, Recovery advice if applicable.


  • Background vetting of suppliers' legal entity and status.
  • One document template only,
  • Customization to your specific information
  • Negotiation with the manufacturer on minor points and changes.
  • Our team has the legal representative or appropriate company representative sign the document with company chops.

TIME TAKEN: Approx. 2 days to complete, but is dependent on manufacturers' response time.


  • 1 document template customized with your specific information
  • Negotiation help with your manufacturer on minor points & changes
  • A legal representative (or appropriate company representative) from our team sign the document with company chops.

Optional extras...

 Bulk purchase 5 documents at a reduced price, if you plan to use many of them.

In some cases, we can act as your legal representative to reduce the cost of enforcing the agreement later. This needs to be assessed case by case.