Production Process Control Inspection

Production Process Control Inspection

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What to expect...

Check your goods while they are being made, enabling you to pick up ‚hidden or hard to detect problems. And save potential delivery delays! We can use ninja tools like Six Sigma to really make sure you goods turn out great and reliable!

  • Highly effective and cost-saving alternative to visiting your production yourself in china.
  • This rate is per man-day + travel is quoted separately if outside a small radius of major cities.


  • Sigma score
  • One onsite inspection monitoring,
  • Risk level assessment with the use of advanced quality measurement methodologies like Six-Sigma process control if applicable
  • Consultation with the production manager.

TIME TAKEN: At least 24 hours.

What you need to prepare...

Requires your product specifications sheet, any critical requirements resulting from customer feedback.

Optional extras...

Additional days can be spent at the factory but are charged