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  • How to develop you idea to a product? Are you developing a product?

    Do you have a great product idea? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people have great product ideas every day. But only a small fraction of those ideas ever make it to market.

    The good news is that there are a number of steps you can take to increase your chances of success. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of developing a product idea and manufacturing it in China.
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Registering Trademarks in China

    Expanding your business into the Chinese market holds immense potential, but without proper trademark registration, you're risking your brand's future. The complexities and pitfalls of the process cannot be underestimated. That's why it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts of registering trademarks in China.

    Thorough trademark research is a non-negotiable step. The "first-to-file" system in China means that the first applicant has priority, making comprehensive searches vital to avoid conflicts. Working with a reputable trademark agency is equally important, as their expertise ensures a complete and accurate application.

    Understanding the Chinese classification system is another key aspect. With 45 different classes of goods and services, choosing the right classification and accurately reflecting your intended use is crucial for success.

  • Sourcing Agent vs. Buying Agent in China: What’s the Difference?

    Sourcing agents in China are in charge of locating vendors and goods that satisfy customers' needs, while buying agents are primarily concerned with procuring goods from Chinese suppliers. Sourcing agents can help bridge the gap between cultures and ensure quality control. Companies looking to source goods from China should consider using sourcing agents in China for price negotiating, quality control, shipping and logistics, cultural differences, access to a large supplier network, and sample management. GlobalTQM is committed to helping businesses choose trustworthy suppliers. Sourcing agents in China provide access to a broad selection of products, proven sourcing expertise, cost savings, quality control, time savings, and cultural and linguistic barriers. An NNN, due diligence, intellectual property registration, product monitoring, and good communication with a sourcing agent or supplier in China are essential to safeguard your product idea.

  • How Does China Trademark  Licensing And Custom Recording Protect Your Brand?

    When it comes to China, copyright violations, and trademark infringement, the numbers are even high. Therefore, businesses, manufacturers, or importers should get china trademark protection and custom recording to protect domains, brand identities, intellectual property, trademarks, etc.

    This article is all about how China trademarking licensing and custom recording work and why you should not delay.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection: Importance Of Having Your Own Team On Ground In China.

    When you talk about the import/export business, China is most probably involved in it. After all, it has the largest share of global manufacturing at 28.7% of total production. Thus, China is a manufacturing superpower. It is a strong chance stand for many importers, traders, and manufacturers to have their sourcing partners in China.

    It’s necessary to perform Quality Control Checks and inspections to ensure the sustainability of your business. Besides, your products must meet international quality standards to become fit for sale. However, visiting the manufacturer or supplier personally might not be possible for every businessman.

    But, it doesn’t undermine the importance of getting quality control checks and pre-shipment inspections of the products being shipped to you. This guide is all about the importance of quality control checks and pre-shipment inspection in China for importers.

  • Benefits Of Visiting Your Supplier’s Manufacturing Premises

    Many importers and traders are found asking why do we need to visit suppliers?

    In the world of eCommerce, there is a lot of facilitation to run your business. Many traders and importers get allured by Gold-Status, attractive, and organized Alibaba sellers. In most cases, these sellers are enough for traders to decide to do business with the suppliers.

    But is it actually enough?

    The answer is no.

  • Unexpected Shipping Cost and Shipping Delays

    Many shipping delays are very sudden and very unexpected, something no one can predict or plan about. Some issues can be planned accordingly to avoid delays, such as rainstorms, public holidays, etc. In this year, 2021, and the previous 2020, we have faced a very unusual problem such as the Coronavirus. Coronavirus has caused a lot of shipment delays due to restricting travel opportunities because of cities shutting down. This problem was caused mainly by international shipping. 

  • Maximize Your Success In sourcing From China: How To Find The Best Manufacturer And To Identify The Trading Companies On Alibaba?

    Discover how to find the best manufacturer on Alibaba and how to identify the trading companies!

    Whenever an eCommerce entrepreneur decides to sell through Amazon FBA or an online store, the first question is where to source from?

    Many online platforms are working to provide products to sell on online stores or dropship items to different parts of the world. However, Alibaba is undoubtedly the most trusted, convenient, and recommended platform to find trustable and long-term suppliers.

  • Finding A Sourcing Agent In China: A Complete Guide On Sourcing Agents

    With the world becoming more connected and fast, supply chain management has become the competitive edge for many businesses. However, managing supply chain agility is not an easy task for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Finding reliable suppliers to maintain your supply chain agility is probably the biggest challenge for small businesses relying on international manufacturers.

    China is the biggest hub of third-party manufacturers for international businesses. Many firms and small businesses import from China and sell the products in their home country. However, it is also difficult for entrepreneurs to manage all the aspects of backward integration and forward integration of a supply chain. Therefore, having solid boots in the country of suppliers is necessary.

    Hiring a product sourcing agent in China is becoming important to manage the backward integration of supply chains for international businesses in Europe and America. However, most entrepreneurs are unclear about the role of a sourcing agent and how they can leverage them to the maximum.

  • China Trademark Challenges: Protect Your Brand In China

    China has been notorious for intellectual property protection despite being the global production hub for hundreds of international brands and companies. International companies leveraging Chinese manufacturing capabilities and economies of scale have never been satisfied with the China trademark enforcement. Let us help you understand the China Trademark System & its challenges and why you should register your trademark in China. 

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