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  • Why is my Supplier Slow in Getting Back to Me?[Podcast ep.035]

    Have you ever had this feeling that your supplier is getting slower at responding? Well, this week, I did an online presentation discussing the different scenarios why your supplier might be slower at getting back to you, and how you might be able to fix that! 
  • What drives entrepreneurs...[Podcast ep.034]

    This is personal to me...

    This episode is different from the others because it doesn't cover specifics on sourcing and developing products in China…

    It does delve deeply into what makes entrepreneurs successful, and I share here some of my own personal background stories and journey. So I’m opening up and sharing in the hope you find some inspiration or motivation yourself.

  • Never spend money on marketing again! [Podcast ep.033]

    In this episode, we share some fascinating secrets, including:

    • How big brands source from the Far East?
    • How Apple made concessions for WeChat?
    • The key to success when trying to build a product in China.
  • Pros and Cons of different ways to source.. and maximize each one [Podcast ep.32]

    Should you source with online platforms? Agents? Or what other options do you have? Regardless of whether you source online via Alibaba, use agents, or any other, there are some secrets here on how to benefit and use all the methods.

  • What Are the Hidden Risks Importing Products From China? [Podcast ep.31]

    I wanted to share a recent interview I did on another great podcast called The Business of ECommerce. Charles Palleschi, the host of this podcast, asked me some really insightful questions that really drill down into the day to day specifics of Sourcing Products from China.  
  • Amazon - Which is Best for You - Vendor Central or Seller Central? [Podcast ep.30]

    With the increase of traffic online, especially related to buying products as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, today’s topic is very timely.  Our chat focuses on our real case experience with Vendor Central vs Seller Central on Amazon and which is better for you in the long term and short term.  
  • The COVID-19 - Coronavirus in relation to China, Supply, Demand, Debt and the future... [Podcast ep.29]

      Hey Guys, I can’t keep quiet and not share my thoughts and personal plans during these tough times.  So in a special edition Podcast, we share n...
  • Why Having An On-The-Ground Presence Matters [Podcast ep.28]

    I was interviewed on another great podcast called ECommerce Excellence. The host, Joris Byron, asked me some really great questions and drew out...
  • Accountability... Who is Ultimately Responsible? [Podcast ep.27]

      In this week's episode, we touch on a somewhat sensitive subject – the issue of Accountability, or Who is ultimately responsible when something g...
  • Sourcing in India… Sourcing in China? Which is better? [Podcast Ep26]

    We share some valuable insights and pointers that could really help you – especially if you are considering sourcing your product outside of China.   
  • What To Do When Product Inspections Fail

      Click here to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. In this week’s episode, I share, along with my co-host Kevin, some valuable i...
  • Middlemen Outdated, Building Trust with Suppliers is Crucial [Podcast Ep24]

        This week I was interviewed by Jim Palmer from Dream business radio. I thought you might like to listen to the interview… you might pick up s...