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  • Is DHGate Legit? What is DHGate?

    If you're considering using DHgate to source products for your online business, you may wonder if DHgate is legit. Are DHgate sellers reliable? Is DHgate a scam?

    In this post, we'll look at DHgate, how it works, and some pros and cons to help you decide if it's right for you.

  • 5 Tips for Verifying Your Chinese Supplier Quickly

    Looking for a reliable Chinese supplier? Learn how to verify them quickly and easily with our 5 tips! Find out how you can be assured of quality, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness when dealing with suppliers in China.

  • 5 Simple Steps to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

      Want to know how we can help? Schedule your FREE Call!   Starting a business has never been as easy as it is in this fast-paced digital world. ...
  • Guide To Sourcing Products In China: All You Need To Know in 2022!

    This guide to sourcing products in China is for businesses looking to benefit from Chinese markets in 2022 and beyond!

    China took four decades to make itself stand where they’re today. The country has become a giant hub of production, outsourcing, and exporting products of all kinds and quality to other parts of the world. The cheap labor, free market, subsidies, and incentives for production also attracted the global leaders in different industries to set up their production units in China.

    The boost of Chinese local industries and manufacturing has attracted many entrepreneurs and businesses to source their products from China. USA buyers have been on the top of the list regarding sourcing products in China. In this guide to sourcing products in China, we are attempting to cover all the necessary steps you must take when sourcing products from China or communicating with Chinese suppliers.

  • China Supply Chain Disruption Unfolding: China Freight Crisis 2022

    The global shipping crisis that started to unfold right after the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has been unstoppable. Different factors played a part in articulating the shipping crisis of 2021 that has continued in 2022.

    Being the largest exporter globally, China was the most affected economy in terms of shipping delays, costs, and containers. The crisis that started with the shortage of shipping containers, shipping delays, and increasing freight is becoming a China supply chain disruption.

    In this article, we will explain the China Freight Crisis or Supply chain crisis unfolding in 2022, disrupting the global and Chinese supply chains. Among different factors, the spike in COVID cases in China also contributes to the shipping congestion forcing the world into a freight crisis and supply chain disruptions. Other factors to study in disrupted global supply chains are the chip crisis and the war in Ukraine.

  • How Does China Trademark  Licensing And Custom Recording Protect Your Brand?

    When it comes to China, copyright violations, and trademark infringement, the numbers are even high. Therefore, businesses, manufacturers, or importers should get china trademark protection and custom recording to protect domains, brand identities, intellectual property, trademarks, etc.

    This article is all about how China trademarking licensing and custom recording work and why you should not delay.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection: Importance Of Having Your Own Team On Ground In China.

    When you talk about the import/export business, China is most probably involved in it. After all, it has the largest share of global manufacturing at 28.7% of total production. Thus, China is a manufacturing superpower. It is a strong chance stand for many importers, traders, and manufacturers to have their sourcing partners in China.

    It’s necessary to perform Quality Control Checks and inspections to ensure the sustainability of your business. Besides, your products must meet international quality standards to become fit for sale. However, visiting the manufacturer or supplier personally might not be possible for every businessman.

    But, it doesn’t undermine the importance of getting quality control checks and pre-shipment inspections of the products being shipped to you. This guide is all about the importance of quality control checks and pre-shipment inspection in China for importers.

  • Benefits Of Visiting Your Supplier’s Manufacturing Premises

    Many importers and traders are found asking why do we need to visit suppliers?

    In the world of eCommerce, there is a lot of facilitation to run your business. Many traders and importers get allured by Gold-Status, attractive, and organized Alibaba sellers. In most cases, these sellers are enough for traders to decide to do business with the suppliers.

    But is it actually enough?

    The answer is no.

  • Alternative Sourcing Websites Other Than

    Whenever you ask how to find a sourcing agent in China, Alibaba is the usual answer of either a budding importer or a veteran. When someone says China sourcing agents, is a Chinese B2B platform with many product categories, suppliers, manufacturers, and trading companies. When an importer sitting in the USA wants to find a product, he won’t get disappointed if using

    You must be wondering about the facts mentioned above and the blog’s title. The main purpose of jotting down our thoughts on this topic is to emphasize one thing: Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

    Besides, there are always some downsides of something too good seemingly. is no different, and there are many shady practices & things about Alibaba that bring us here to urge you to look into other alternatives as well.

  • AQL Levels: Your Ultimate Guide For Pre-Shipment Inspection Of Your Orders!

    Ready to place your first order from China for your new business?

    Overwhelmed to hear about a lot of new terms like pre-shipment inspection, product inspection, AQL, and inspection techniques?

    Don’t worry; we will break down everything for you to understand before you perform product inspection on your own or hire a third party to perform it for you.

    This article is our attempt to simplify AQL Standards and AQL Sampling for you and all entrepreneurs looking out for clear information on product inspection methods. After reading this article, you will know what exactly AQL means and why this method is preferred over other product inspection methods.

  • Unfolding Global Shipping Issues: Shipping Delays From China

    COVID-19, closure of ports, shipping delays, and capacity shortage led to the global shipping crises that most traders worldwide had to suffer from. The situation that started to unfold because of the worldwide pandemic soon became independent of the disease spread and left marks that won’t be reversed.

    For instance, the increase in the shipping costs amid the pandemic and shipping crisis might return to normal soon, but it won’t go back to what it was in 2019. Therefore, importers, exporters, and entrepreneurs have to find ways to stay ahead in the given conditions.

    This article will help you understand the whole scenario about shipping delays from china and current shipping issues related to costs. We will also share an action plan to cater to the global shipping catastrophe and manage your orders in the future.

  • Learn more effective ways to inspect than AQL... You can’t inspect quality into a product. [Podcast.ep.040]

    This episode is packed with helpful advice on getting to the bottom of product quality, understanding AQL standards, and how to communicate your expectations to your suppliers effectively.
    In this episode we will touch upon:
    • VOC - Voice of the customer drives everything in quality and business decisions.
    • More effective ways to inspect than AQL
    • Reliability is time to failure, which is overlooked and very important
    • You can’t inspect the quality into a product.
    • Factories should self inspect, so knowing their inspection procedure is critical.
    • Suppliers should not move the burden onto inspection companies; it’s their job.